Publication from Workshop available - See Programme.

Pictures from the City Hall Reception available - See Pictures.

Pictures of most speakers available - see Presentations.

The presentations are / will be available (subject to approval of the presenters) - see Presentations.

The abstract book is available - see Abstracts.

E-posters permitted for publication are available - see Posters.

Programme has been finalised on 10 September.

MELODI Award winner has been announced: Congratulations to Dr. Kristian Unger!

MELODI organisations

BfS, Germany
CEA, France
ENEA, Italy
HMGU, Germany
IRA, Switzerland
IRSN, France
ISS, Italy
ITN, Portugal
KVSF, Germany
NRIRR, Hungary
RIVM, Netherlands
SCK-CEN, Belgium
SSM, Sweden
STUK, Finland
SU, Sweden
SUJCHBO, Czech Republic
UAM, Spain
URV, Spain


Finnish Doctoral Programme in Environmental Health - co-organising the Training event on Risk models on 14 September.

City of Helsinki - hosting the Reception on 12 September.

World Health Organisation WHO - co-sponsoring the workshop.

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Award winner

Dr. Kristian Unger has been nominated as the recipient of the first MELODI Award dedicated to young scientists working on the effects of low dose ionizing radiation. Dr. Unger is engaged in research in the field of bioinformatics and integrative biology in HelmholtzZentrum münchen. He will receive the Award certificate during the MELODI-2012 workshop in Helsinki in September 14th.



The Board of the MELODI Association has decided to reward annually a young researcher by offering a MELODI Award, to be officially announced at the annual MELODI Workshop.

The MELODI Board wants to reward each year one young researcher, active in the domains covered by the activities of the MELODI Association, in order to raise more attention for research in the domain of low doses of ionising radiation in a broader sense, and to stimulate young researchers to be active and to publish in this domain of activities.

The Award will consist of 4.000 € (amount fixed annually by the MELODI Board). The financial means will partially have to be used to present the work that allowed to win the MELODI Award at one international conference to be convened between the Board and the winner of the Award; the remainder can be spent according to the convenience of the winner.

See the full Announcement and Rules for administration of a MELODI Award, including the modalities and conditions as well as practical instructions for candidates here.